If you would like to register your child with us, then either fill in the online form below or print off the pdf enrollment document and send it to us via mail to CreateSchools Tutzing, Ziegeleistr. 12, 82327 Tutzing.

Upon registration, the non-refundable 50 € registration fee is due. We will then hold you on our waiting list and inform you, once a space becomes available.

Please wire the registration fee to our account:

Createschools gGmbH
GLS Bank
IBAN: DE65 4306 0967 8206 2626 01

Many Thanks.

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When a space becomes available, we will then invite you and your child to attend our Assessment Centre, where a thorough assessment is carried out to have a complete picture of each potential student. An Assessment fee will be charged.

Download and print registration form

Here are our terms and conditions in their current version as a pdf for you to download.



Parent, legal guardian

2. Parent, legal guardian

„We give our children the time and space to blossom and fully realize their potential. We see it as our job to help them become the best possible person they can be.”

Stefanie Norman