The main focus points of our school

Create Schools has a unique philosophy as an international school when it comes to education. We look to the future to inform us about what we should be teaching our students today.

Our system is not steeped in the past like many international schools. We are very much aware of the fast-paced changes that our students are facing every day. That is why we have a constant eye on where the world is going to ensure that our students are equipped to meet those challenges.

We emphasize educating the whole child which means spending time and energy on the social-emotional development of the student as well as the academic. Our small classes allow teachers to take the time to build exceptional relationships with the students, ensuring that their well being is a top priority. Only then is the learning excpetional.

Our Aim

We aim at equipping our students with basic competences needed later in life. Nowadays pure knowledge acquisition is no longer primarily important, as facts are only a mouse click away. Therefore the ability to evaluate what information is relevant, reliable and leads to the desired result, is of much higher importance. Not only is it our goal to provide our students with internationally recognized degrees, but to also equip them with the following skills:

  • the courage to explore new ways
  • healthy risk taking
  • the ability to reflect your own actions and those of others
  • being able to work in a team
  • seeing failure as a valuable learning experience
  • innovative and creative problem solving
  • to appreciate yourself, our peers and the environment

Our school model

Our school model is future oriented: therefore we include English, ICT and Problem Solving into our curriculum.

  • we teach in English and German, starting in First Grade
  • IT is part of life and therefore part of our educational program. From first grade on, we begin working with tablets for one or two lessons each week. The students use the tablets to access educational programs as well as learning how to be safe and sensible with media. In High School, the students move on to working digitally in groups, share documents, write emails, and meet in video calls on their laptops.
    This is one of the reasons why the seamless transition to online lessons is no problem.
  • our lessons are primarily based on real life issues
  • we prefer assessing the individual learning progress rather than using marks
  • we allow our students to learn how they learn best
  • we appreciate our students’ individuality and support them
  • we equip our students with skills most suitable for their future
  • our students are permitted study time as needed, thus not necessarily following the usual 45 minute class routine
  • Classes start at 10 am, with additional English classes starting at 8:45 am

No child should be overlooked. We are aware, that each child is unique and deserves to be supported individually.

  • we are offering small classes (12-14 students)
  • as a all-day school, we have enough time to explore subjects creatively, innovatively and in-depth
  • each student is assigned a personal mentor for assistance
  • parallel to real life experiences we are using modern technology
  • assessment is comprehensive and individual


As Create is a school for the future, we know that sustainability is a key element to a healthy future. This is why we have made sustainability a core element of our education program. We are very happy that this has been recognized with the ‘European Sustainable School Award’.

„Create Schools shows that there is a way to educate so that the love for learning is ignited in each and every child.”

Dr. Gina Deininger